Our expertise

FIP-S2@Novia covers a wide range of expertise. Our research fields include maritime logistics, port operations, shipping, shipbuilding, maritime technologies and operations, maritime safety and maritime simulations. Our focus is on solutions for end-to-end digitalization and process automation, service concepts, and AI-supported data analysis, as well as autonomous maritime systems and sustainable shipping.

All our projects are done by professionals, and we want to create customised solutions for the customers’ needs. Depending on the requirements of the projects we put together interdisciplinary teams for example of engineers, economists, mathematicians, computer scientists and professionals in maritime operations.

Maritime practices and operational requirements, the operator´s perspective and maritime safety are taken into account in all our services.

Jonathan Weisheit

Business Developer FIP-S2@Novia
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Mirva Salokorpi

Director of FIP-S2@Novia
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Hans-Christoph Burmeister

Director of FIP-S2@Novia
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Jenny Lauronen

Business Developer
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